November 19, 2010

A Different Thanksgiving

At Sidecar's suggestion, we're roasting a duck for Thanksgiving. I love this, because I really love duck, but never get to eat it at home, because my brother doesn't like it, so we never have it for holidays.

I know nothing about roasting a duck, and only just roasted a chicken for the first time ever a couple weeks ago, so I am doing lots of research.  I want to make this recipe (duck with dates, radicchio and honey)--but it calls duck breasts, not a whole stuffed duck, and am a little afraid of adapting it.

This one with prunes and juniper berries will use up my stash of juniper, which might be nice as I don't know what else to do with them (besides distill my own gin...)  I love the idea of this olive and fennel duck (below), but Myrna doesn't like olives another year.

Pictured above is a roasted duck with winter vegetables from Australia.  Hmmm... That might be the winner.

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