November 10, 2010

Delightful (14): New Coat

I promised myself last year that I would buy myself a new winter coat, and a new pair of knee high boots this year.  Well, I found the boots (tall, grey, gorgeous), and now I am eying coats, and having the hardest time finding anything other than black, which I sort of despise as a coat color. I really want a green one.  But my snow coat is bright green.  And my trench coat is olive green.  So can I get a green coat too?

Garance Doré

(Perhaps I should just get a sequined cape... Or stick with red red red.)


  1. patty5:11 PM

    I love that coat! why not go with a color you know you love?? although red is awesome too!! tough choices

  2. Maggie,

    You can and should certainly get a green coat (and I will live vicariously through you). In fact, you can wear only green clothes! There is no need for any other colors. :)


  3. Red wool winter coats are kind of cliche... Go for the green!

  4. Colleen6:08 PM

    I had an English professor who always wore green. He wore other colors with green, but only once in a whole semester of twice-a-week classes did I see him without green on his person. As eccentricities go, a fondness for green is a pretty good one (says the girl whose new house decor has revealed an alarming preference for plaids).