November 18, 2010

Cozy #3

My room is a disaster right now.  No, seriously.  It hasn't been this bad since I was in high-school. I've been scrupulously closing the door so that Myrna won't spy it and judge me.  Every piece of clothing I own is on the floor or on my arm chair, or draped on top of my laundry basket, you know, in case I want to wear it again, instead of inside the basket, you know, in case I want to wash it.  I am rectifying this situation as we speak, armed with a roll of quarters, new laundry detergent, and several weeks of cooking shows to catch up on (I always watch TV while I fold clothes.  It is a long-standing Perry tradition).  In the meantime, I am so sorely tempted by this beautiful white room.  I am not much of a fan of all white rooms, but given the state of my room right now, I think this is the only thing that will soothe me. (via)


ps. a built in shelf above your bed for beautiful works of art: brilliant.
pps. who wears ONLY white shirts.  Come on!

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