November 26, 2010


Julian Merrow Smith's Postcard from Provence
This is the only day I have entirely to myself and I have been enjoying it so far.  Coffee and reading the New Yorker Food Issue (best of the year!), and lying on the couch.  Myrna, bright eyed and bushy tailed for her trip to NYC, said "You look so cozy."  I should, therefore, put this painting as my lead in (via Art Inconnu)  But I could not resist this painting from Postcard from Provence.  This reminds me of Napa in November.  Being cozy and lazy is wonderful, but I'd rather be home...

+ I read Paul Madonna's strip All Over Coffee because of the beautiful pencil drawings of San Francisco, but sometimes he really hits the mark.

+ Have I mentioned lately how much I love Miss Manners?  Also brilliant: Judith Martin's biting yet balanced critique of a new book about the history of Venice.  This is criticism at its finest.

+ Remember those great advent calendars with chocolates behind every door?  Speedboats are even better.  (via The Ironic Catholic)

+ Santa Baby, there's just one thing I really need, the deed to a french castle with 90 bedrooms.

+ I love Maps.  You know this right?  Well, here's a map where all the nations of the world are moved to match population with geographical space.  It's very neat--though would be vastly improved if there was a larger image to analyze. (via Strange Maps.)

+ The most beautiful library exteriors in the US.  They clearly need a new committee, because they miss Winchester, and yet they include this Atlanta monstrosity.

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