November 05, 2010

Clippings (quickly)


Ahhhhhhhhhhh.  Work is insane and I haven't slept all week because I am swimming in a sea of over-ripe pears than must be jammed.  So here are three things for your enjoyment and edification.  Plus a public music video.  Of course.

+ Dawn Eden on the men and women of J. M. Barrie's plays, in The Weekly Standard.

+ Annette Hanami on the wine of November: Beaujolais (from The Wine Muse).

+ The Imagination of C.S.Lewis via First Things.

And, so many people have linked to this it hardly seems worthwhile sending a hat tip, but I first saw it at The Deacon's Bench:

Also, don't miss the winners of our LLB Birthday Giveaway! Thanks so much for participating, everyone!

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