November 19, 2010

Clippings: The Not About the TSA Edition

The Duchess of Devonshire and her Chickens.

+ A basilica in Buffalo is being taken down piece by piece and shipped to Georgia.  I love love love this. Love.  LOVE.

+ Annette the Wine Muse (with whom I have shared many and Thanksgiving dinner) has recommendations for the Beaujolais appellation beyond Noveau.

+ Sucker for public music that I am, I do love this new T-Moblie ad. The delight on the passenger's faces is contagious.  And the making-of video is fascinating, too.

+ The Duchess of Devonshire  (above) is a the most fascinating character of the famous Mitford sisters, to my mind.  Rather than trite and boring communist sensibilities, she had the real task of sustaining one of the greatest homes in all of England, and dealing with the trials of tradition and modernity with grace and wit. Read more about her and her new book here.

+ Ok, you all know I love cookbooks.  An awful lot.  And I love well written reviews.  Well, this is an outstanding review of two excellent and very different cookbooks: The Forgotten Skills of Cooking, and Around My French Table.  My sister has the former, I want the latter.  They are both amazing in their own way, and the reviewer, Francis Lam, really gets to the heart of each book.  His preference for one is clear, and joyful, without really faulting the other.  It's a great review, and well worth the read.  That is, if you like cookbooks.

+ Once many many moons ago, I told my friend Eric about my favorite flim noir, The Third Man, written by Graham Greene, and starring Joseph Cotton and Orson Welles. Now, Eric is working hard as a filmmaker, and one of his dream projects is to make a new version of the story--set in modern times. I love this idea--because the film is really about friendship and betrayal, and not about WWII specifically.  So why not update it for modern terrors, and see if it stands the test?  I'm certain it will. He's been in Beirut for several months working on this project, and this morning he released a demo trailer (below). As he said to me this am: it's not for purists:

Read more about Eric here; see more of his work here. (Also, if you missed it, I shared his work on a Newman project many months ago.)

(NB: next week I will only be posting once a day + quotations.)

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  1. Lovin that trailer. Eric keeps getting better.