November 12, 2010

Clippings: 1000!


Guess what, oh fellow Pilgrims?  This is my 1000th post!  Which is shocking to me, since my 800th post was in July.  But I have been doing a lot more blogging recently, what with the quotes and the jams and so forth.  16 posts a week, approximately, means I'll be at 2000 posts by the end of next calendar year.

Anyway, rather than post a bunch of random things from around the internets, I thought I would share with you 10 things that I've blogged about that I keep coming back to, and have not fallen out of love with yet.

And, my new favorite song, which I heard live last night at the Weepies concert.  Oh my.  I love it.  Consider it a little present for all of you.

Some blog stats of varying levels of interest:
+ my first post was on 12/8/2004, but I didn't start really blogging on this site until 3/27/2007
+ I have used the word "delightful" in 38 posts, and the word "wonderful" in 101 posts.  
+ Friends have read my blog on 5 of the 7 continents: North America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and...Antarctica.  Unfortunately, I don't have any any friends in Australia or South America.
+ My most popular post was this early on called Chicken Scratch, which had a photo embedded of St.Thomas Aquinas' awful handwriting.  People visited it only for the photo. I have since taken the photo down.
+ My blog title "Ten Thousand Places" comes from a poem by Gerard Manly Hopkins.  Read it here.  (I was once compared to the dragonfly in the poem, read the poem, and fell in love.)

Ten Things I Keep Coming Back To (in no particular order):

Sunrise Lemon Curd
Real Hope: The St. Jude Novena
Fra Angelico
Jazz Love: Cy Coleman
Sunday Morning Music: Guillame Dufay
The Golden Hour #2
Open a Restaurant and Save the World
English Folk Archive
Tribute to Goldie Hawn


  1. Congratulations on your 1000th post! I enjoyed the music.

  2. I should have knowed that my favorite song and your favorite song would be thesame.

  3. Hmm, Quincy had all seven continents back in 2007 ( But then I suppose it's not a fair comparison.

    But regardless, good work on the blog.

  4. Oh! I've had people visit from all 7 continents--I just didn't know who they were. That fact was more a comment on how awesome and well travelled my friends are, than how well read the blog is.