October 26, 2010

Public Music #3

When I moved to Washington, D.C., I was stuck in Metro Center late one evening on my way to get drinks with a friend, and I heard doo-wop.  Three black guys were singing and dancing a'cappella, clapping for a beat; I was utterly enchanted. When I enthusiastically told my friend about it, he shrugged. As a jaded DC commuter, he had heard them a thousand times, and rolled his eyes at the crowds of tourists that gathered round to here these fellows sing "Under the Boardwalk" (an ironic song choice, considering we were 3 stories underground). 

 At the farmer's market on Saturday morning there's a little Mexican fellow who plays the most vibrant delightful traditional folk tunes on a little guitar.  I adore him, and always mean to drop $20 in his box.  $20 might seem high, but I've been listening to him for two years now.  That's quite a concert.

There's also the actually not very good trumpeter who hangs out at my metro station on Thursday mornings. He's shrill and a little off beat, but he has a stereo that pipes in Handel, and he belts it out on that trumpet with so much contagious joy.

I promised myself I'd drop a coin in every buskers basket while living in DC. It is one of those promises I often fail at keeping. But still, I love musicians who play in public.  And I will likely post every single article I come across about people playing music in subways, on street corners...like this one.

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