October 29, 2010


Ok, so, apple picking and peach picking are really fun, and you know they were some of my favorite memories of the year, but I have got to tell you: just order your fruit direct from the orchard.  I did that this week, ordering 2 bushels of pears, and it was so much fun and so much easier!  All the fruit was neatly packed in big wooden crates, which I can store in the corner of our dining room till I get around to making all my jam.  ALL my jam...lots and lots of pear jam (which is second in my heart only to plum).

But I have a LOT of pears.  I am going to have to do a fair amount of cooking to get through it all.  Here are some pear recipes I've earmarked over the past few months:

+ Sea Salted Carmel Pears from Food 52.  They seem somewhat easier to eat than carmel apples.

+ Blue Cheese Baked Pears would make a lovely appetizer for Thanksgiving, or any other autumnal dinner.

+ Fruit turnovers with cream cheese pastry from Ezra Pound Cake. (Mission: freeze them and have them for breakfast every morning.)

+ For the GF crowd: pear and hazelnut cakes from Cannelle et Vanille (above).

+ The shockingly easy and so delicious Forelle Pear Cake. (Sekel pears can be used as a substitute.)

Or you can just dive in with some tasty cheese.

Finally: Lets not forget my two favorite fall recipes: the pear custard tart and the puffy pancake with pears (pictured, below). For the latter, eliminate the bacon and salt and pepper, and place long slices of a pear (one whole pear) in the bottom of the skillet, and pour the batter over it. YUM! Myrna and I just ate this whole thing.

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