October 06, 2010

(New) Jazz Love: Jane Monheit

Oooooh GOODY!  Jane Monheit, my favorite female vocalist (currently recording, that is), has come out with a new album: Home  (MP3).  As usual, she has an eclectic mix of Jazz standards--not the same ones we are always hearing in copy-cat arrangements (read: Michael Bublé.  I mean, you're great, but you're not Frank Sinatra).  She describes this album as a return to the thing she loves best: Jazz Standards and the great American songwriters.  Recorded with her regular band, the album also features a nice roster of guest artists: John Pizzarelli (vocals and guitar), Peter Eldridge (vocals), Frank Vignola (guitar), Joe Magnarelli (trumpet and flugelhorn), Mark O'Connor (violin) and Larry Goldings (piano).

Unfortunately her PR peeps haven't released any videos, so I'm just going to share with you one of her snappy live numbers--she seems to favor the slower dramatic songs, but I love her best when she's doing something quick and vibrant (and, boy, can she scat!):


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