October 15, 2010

Jams by Mags Update

I've been getting lots of inquiries about what Jams I'll have available for Christmas sales, so I thought I'd give you a little update.  

Right now I am working on all my fall canning--apples, pears, quinces, onions, and hopefully a little citrus and cranberries, too.  So far, though, I've only made apple butter.  And I still have at least half a bushel of apples to go...(will be canning tonight, for sure!).   

Once all the canning is done, I will be posting actual counts as well as prices for the jams.  I expect this to be done on November 1st, which gives you plenty of time to make an order and get it before Christmas.  I'd encourage you all to order before December 1st.  I haven't decided if I'll use BigCartel or Etsy or what for the jams, but...well...we'll see.

Quantities will be limited, so I will also be offering a Jam of the Month Club for 3, 6 and 12 months.  As you'll see, these will be pretty expensive--because the cost of mailing gets pretty high.  A lot of Jam of the Month clubs actually mail two jars every other month, so I might do that.  But then do I call it a Jam of the (Every-Other) Month Club?  I just don't know. 

So, there's your update.  As always, you can email me at bymags[at]gmail[dot]com for inquiries.  And if you are interested in getting jam made as a favor for your wedding, I'd encourage you to email me sooner rather than later.  (The earliest wedding I could do would be June 1st, 2011.)

Jams by Mags wedding favor at Emma and J's wedding.

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