October 12, 2010

House of Blessings

Champagne for all after the blessing.

This Saturday we had our house blessed.  As a few dear friends gathered to join us in prayer I thought about all the things in our home already blessed because they had been given by friends.

My little wood carved fisherman and his wife.  World travelers, you know.

As young women just starting to make our way in the world, we can't count on purchasing the perfect bar cart or comfy chair.  So we hobbled together a home.

Two rugs from friends.

Our chair needs recovering.  We need curtains on the dining room windows and in both our bedrooms.  We have the most ridiculously lame rug in the living room, and something must be done about the DVDs.

I like patters.

But we also have gorgeous embroidered wool curtains given by Stearns who didn't want them any more. (Why?  We have yet to find out.)  We have Myrna's grandmother's hutch, and soon we'll have an adorable bright yellow chair from Bird.  The dining room rug came from The Librarian, and the dining room chairs are on loan from The Courtier.  And boy do we have a lot of lovely stuff from Spoon: a runner, a coffee table, a desk, three chairs, latte mugs, etc. etc. etc.  Not to mention all the gifts of works of art that hang on the wall from friends and family everywhere.

Jewelry, makeup, and happy chaos.
As we gathered in prayer, I thought of all these people, and how each one of these lovely things is a blessing of its own.  We have a home, not just an apartment where we live, and it is beautiful because of the generosity of our friends.

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