October 22, 2010


Not sure if this qualifies as "art" but I love Jim Denevan (via)
I am well absorbed in the last Lord Peter Wimsey/Harriet Vane mystery, which means I spent my morning commute reading about chimney sweeps who wear 15 layers of clothing, negligent landlords, and other domestic troubles of our dear hero and heroine.  So I have no idea what goodies the newspaper holds today. This is, therefore, a very random assortment:

+ Habemus Cardinal...um?...I don't know the correct Latin ending for "We have new Cardinals!"...but: we have new Cardinals, including our dear Archbishop Wuerl, and Raymond Burke, formerly archbishop of St. Louis.  Exciting!

+ The Courtier always discovers the most fascinating things.  Like this basically untouched Victorian apartment in Paris.  (Ok, ok, so he didn't discover it, just the news about it.)  Also: Money isn't everything when it comes to art.

+ Johnny Depp as The Thin Man?  I can only allow this if, in fact, he bases the film on the novel, and not trying to out-charm William Powell.  Which. Is. Not. Possible.

+ I keep reading about this awesome man from Cleveland who restores religious statues, and keep forgetting to post about him.  Well: here you go.  Like I said, Awesome.

+ Two openings in VA/DC that I am seriously looking forward to: Rustico and West End Cinema.  AND, though I have not made it out for any of the food trucks (except sometimes when I oversleep, I manage to get District Taco at Rosslyn for breakfast, yum yum!), but I think when the new PIE!!! food truck makes its way to Union Station, it will be worth the wrath of my boss for me to take a whole hour lunch and head down there.  Follow DCPieTruck on Twitter for their latest location.

+ My favorite inexpensive Pennsylvania beer, Yeungling, is expanding slowly but surely.  This makes me happy.  So does this profile of the president, Dick Yeungling, in yesterday's WSJ.

+ My friend Daiva has recently opened her own design and branding studio: Design in August.  If you need wedding invitations, bespoke stationary, branding, marketing items and the like, please check out her awesome work.  I'm not terribly sentimental about things like wedding invitations and change of address cards, but, let me tell you: I saved hers!  Gorgeous.  (Also, she and I will be collaborating on branding for Jams by Mags, which is thrilling!)
+ I can't decide about this movie.  But: it has Christopher Plummer and the late Lynn Redgrave, and beautiful animation, so, how bad could it be?:

Also: PacMan Moleskine.  Ironic.  And rad.

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