October 14, 2010

Art of Being a Woman Conference

I don't usually do this sort of thing on the blog, but today is something special: I wanted to direct your attention to a conference being held this weekend in Washington D.C. by the group The Art of Being a Woman.  Discussing a lot of the things we like to talk about on The Magdalene Sisters, this conference is exploring some of the key questions of femininity and modern life.  Session topics include "The Art of Homemaking" "A Purposeful Single Life: The Bucket List" and "Being a Woman of Character".

The conference starts at 8 am on Saturday, at the John Paul II Cultural Center in Washington.  Registration if $15/$20 at the door.  You can learn more about it and the goals and mission of the group by visiting their website.  (You can also register online.)  There is also a Facebook group and event.

Hope you can attend!  (Oh, and I heard that they will be recording the conference too, so they will most likely post the sessions in a couple weeks if you aren't able to attend.)

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