September 14, 2010

The Voice of Baseball

Since I've moved East, I haven't had cable, so I basically don't watch any baseball.  But even when I do get a chance to watch, it's not the same: I don't hear the old familiar voice, the voice of baseball, the voice of Bill King.

Bill King was the main radio announcer for twenty-five years.  His was the voice I heard every afternoon as I did my homework, and my dad watched the A's for twenty-one of those happy years.  He wasn't Vin Scully.  He wasn't Harry Caray.  But, as far as I was concerned, he was the best. (Dad always says that he was an awesome football and basketball announcer too, though by the time I became aware of King, he was only doing Baseball.)

I wish I could show you some of his great clips, but baseball doesn't seem to like Youtube much.  Click here to both read a great story of him--how he loved opera, and would be seen always in a Hawaiian shirt and shorts, unless he was going to the opera--and see the 30 second clip of him calling Ricky Henderson's record breaking 939th stolen base.

Bill King passed away in 2005, and every year since then has been nominated for the Frick Award (which "recognizes excellence in sports broadcasting").  And every September I faithfully go to the Baseball Hall of Fame page every day and vote for him.  And every year he doesn't win.  Let's let him win this time.

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