September 17, 2010

Quotable: Pope Benedict XVI

A few quotes from the speeches thus far:

Ever since the Second Vatican Council, the Catholic Church has placed special emphasis on the importance of dialogue and cooperation with the followers of other religions. In order to be fruitful, this requires reciprocity on the part of all partners in dialogue and the followers of other religions. ...

This kind of dialogue needs to take place on a number of different levels, and should not be limited to formal discussions. The dialogue of life involves simply living alongside one another and learning from one another in such a way as to grow in mutual knowledge and respect. The dialogue of action brings us together in concrete forms of collaboration, as we apply our religious insights to the task of promoting integral human development, working for peace, justice and the stewardship of creation.
(I love that!  "The dialoague of life"--this is my goal always!)

I go forward with great courage and joy . . . The Church is at the service of Another, she doesn’t serve herself. She doesn’t exist to be a strong body, but rather serves to render accessible the proclamation of Jesus Christ, the great truths, the great forces of love, of reconciliation, which appeared in this Figure and which always come from the presence of Jesus Christ.”

--From his interview on the plane en route to Scotland.

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