September 20, 2010

The LWD (Little White Dress)

I've long wanted to do a post about Mary Travers' awesome dresses in the old videos of the early days of Peter Paul and Mary. Since I can't be a humdinger-folk-singer (except around an open fire, but there are sadly few of those in the city), I must console myself with trying to dress like her.

When Peter Paul and Mary first became popular, rock stars still wore suits, and women wore elegant dresses. think they are the most fabulous dresses ever, and would love to wear them all. (Would that I were also a humdinger folk singer.)

My personal favorite is this white one she wears in a BBC concert on "Tonight in Person" from 1966. (Where-o-where can I get my hands on the video of this concert? Anyone?) The cut is perfect, it moves lightly, elegantly, and can stand up to the gentler songs (first) as well as the rockin' ones (second).

Well, I was thrilled, looking through the Spring RTW 2011 collections (from last week's Fashion Week) to see this dress by Jill Stuart. How do you think it will take for it to trickle down to a store in my price range?


  1. Ooh! I was just contempplating a post on my favorites from Fashion Week. This is very sweet looking. Hmm, as for the trickle-down, best review that scene from The Devil Wears Prada about Cerulean blue.

  2. That's what I linked to!! :)

  3. What?! Totally missed that. :)

  4. Anonymous8:01 AM

    I know how you can obtain a copy of the Tonight In Person video, complete. Please email me at