September 03, 2010

Labor Day Weekend Food Extravaganze

Peach Shortbread from Smitten Kitchen

It's supposed to be much cooler here in DC this holiday weekend than it has been, oh, for the last 90 days.  All the same, I am going to indulge in a few beloved summer foods before everyone starts proclaiming FALL IS HERE and posting about squash and nutmeg and apples and so forth.

1) Gazpacho.  I have never made Gazpacho, though I love love love love it.  I always order it if it is available.  And I don't really see why I cannot make some of my own, especially since the tomatoes have been so incredibly delicious this year.  I think I'll try this lovely, simple version from Sassy Radish.

2) Yes.  I am still obsessed with peaches.  Believe me--it surprised me as much as it shocks you.  But, come over for brunch on Sunday, and you might get a few of these tasty Peach Shortbread Bars, from Smitten Kitchen (above), and you will be glad I am obsessed.

3) It's been a month at least since I've made ice cream.  I have some clotted cream and some yogurt in the fridge, so I'll whip some sweet corn ice-cream up.  It's extraordinary.

4) I am also going to fry up some hotdogs.  Just sayin'.

Have a great holiday weekend!

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