September 15, 2010

George VI

The King's Speech with Colin Firth and Helena Bonam Carter

So, I think we can all agree that 2010 has been pretty bad as far as movies are concerned. Toy Story has made the summer worthwhile, but I'll be glad once the Oscar movies start pouring into the theatre.

I hadn't heard of the new film The King's Speech, till I read Joe Morgenstern's review of the Telluride Film Festival in Friday's WSJ. Starring Colin Firth and Geoffrey Rush, it tells the story of King George VI (Firth) who had a speech impediment, and his Australian speech therapist:
In fact, the story it tells with surpassing wit and grace has been known only to scholars and historians since it unfolded in 1930s England prior to World War II; that's partly why the period drama seems so marvelously new. The main source of its vitality, however, is the electrifying counterpoint between Mr. Firth's magnificently tortured monarch and Mr. Rush's deliciously irreverent therapist (who broaches profound emotional issues without ever letting on that they're psychological). After a mostly drab summer at the multiplexes, here's a film that makes your spirit soar.

And here's a video of Firth talking about his role:

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