September 10, 2010

Dinner is Love

Lemony Roast Chicken and Beans from Dinner: a Love Story

If you follow my Google Reader, you are likely to have seen quite a few posts from the marvelous blog, Dinner: A Love Story.  I share it a lot, because I just love it.  Written by writer and editor Jenny Rosenstrach, it has its roots in a daily log she kept of the dinners she made for her family.  As an editor for Real Simple and the now-defunt Cookie, she worked full time, but still managed, "more often than not" to put a home-made dinner on the table.

Her recipes are universally appealing, and she often offers quick variations to adapt the meal for picky youngsters (though she's not of the only-make-what-your-kids-demand-of-you school of thinking; in this, as in all things she is real and honest: sometimes the kids try new things and like them; sometimes they don't, but they've got to eat, so we adapt.)

But, frankly, I keep coming back because of her refreshing point of view, her absolute insistence that sharing a meal is the heart of family life, and her frank acknowledgement that we can't get everything done.  Her point of view is neatly summed up in her "About Me" page, but I was most convinced when I read her measured, heartfelt response to a snippy HuffPo food writer about the 30 minute meal trend:
For me, one of the things that mattered was dinner. That doesn’t mean that cooking for the family has always been easy or that it’s universally satisfying (see: 2002-2005), but it certainly has never been something to write off as impossible, as one arm of conventional wisdom would like you believe. There has always been time for me to make dinner because…you make time for the things you love. Don’t believe anyone – the food industry, the magazine covers, your crazy aunt — who tells you anything different.
Even though I am just a single girl in a big city trying to figure life out and make ends meet, and I only have my own food quirks to deal with, I find I am constantly inspired by this woman and her family.  And when her cookbook comes out, Time for Dinner, I will be first in line to get a copy.

All you mom's out there, I encourage you to take a look.  And really, everyone else too.  Here are a few of my favorite posts:

+ Tabula Rasa: what to make when your fridge is full but your mind is empty.
+ Green French Fries: Zucchini fries.  Why have I not thought of this before?
+ The Blame Game: Andy's alcohol and Jennifer's snacks duke it out.
+ It is So On: the tomato sandwich.  'Nuff said.

And yesterday's Dinner in the Morning post had me salivating last night as I read it.  And I had already eaten.  (It is pictured, above.)

The Dinner Journal, via NY Times.

UPDATE: Her cookbook is now available:  Time for Dinner

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