August 02, 2010

Wedding Inspiration: Color Boards

Welcome to Wedding Week on 10KP!  I am really excited about this because I love weddings; I have a lot of experience with them (I've been in 5, 6th is coming up soon!) and I am literally spending all my time and money this year attending weddings. I hope you'll enjoy these special posts!

One of my very favorite things about weddings is the use of color.  And I simply adore the color boards on bridal blogs.  I use them in my own work with design, home decor, fashion, and every day life!

Here are two stunning color combinations, by Kathryn of the wedding inspiration blog Snippet & Ink (features on another wedding blog, The Bride's Cafe.):


And here are a bunch from my favorite wedding blog, 100 Layer Cake.  I love how she finds inspiration from all sorts of places--fashion, printing, fabric, flowers.  I want to use each of these color combinations in my home, somehow:

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