August 05, 2010

Top Five Favorite Things at Weddings

From Martha Stewart
1) Confetti is so much better than rice.  The only thing better than confetti: lavender blossoms.  (ps. Isn't that the prettiest dress?)

From Snippet & Ink

2) A photo of everyone!  At my friends Mary and Will's wedding, they had a receiving line at the back of the church, and then their photographer had everyone line up on the church steps as they left the church. When the guests were all out, the Bride and Groom stood at the top and we all took a photo.  It was so fun!

From 100 Layer Cake

3) Sparklers (above) and bonfires (below).  This needs no explanation.  It also needs s'mores.

From Martha Stewart

From Style Me Pretty
4) J.Marie posted about how she loves long banquet tables for wedding receptions, and I must agree.  She and I both (for our former jobs) have sat at countless dreary hotel banquets, and I've got to tell you, there is nothing worse than a bunch of round tables where you can't have conversations because the flower arrangement is too high and you can't hold a conversation with more than the one person next to you. Long tables, on the other hand, are communal, and encourage conversation, both with those across and those next to you.  I simply adore them.

From Cup of Jo

5) Using mason jars for everything: candles, flowers, vats of iced tea, maybe even drinking glasses.


  1. I love the group photo idea!

  2. I think you are right about the tables! Just in the pictures it looks so much more unified.