August 10, 2010


Here the White Queen began again. "It was such a thunderstorm, you can't think!" ("She never could, you know," said the Red Queen.) "And part of the roof came off, and ever so much thunder got in--and it went rolling round the room in great lumps--and knocking over the tables and things--till I was so frightened, I couldn't remember my own name!"

Alice thought to herself "I never should try to remember my name in the middle of an accident!  Where would be the use of it?"

--Through the Looking Glass, by Lewis Carroll.

(N.B: My bookclub is reading Alice in Wonderland. None of them have read it before--which shocked me.  I am reading the Annotated version for the first time, by Martin Gardner, who is weird and sort of hilarious.  I am finding that I love Through the Looking Glass much more than the first book, though I'm not sure why.)

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