August 18, 2010

It's a Mod World!

I went and visited my sister in Annapolis earlier this week.  She is pet sitting a little tortoise-shell kitten named Maude.  Only, when my sister introduced me, I thought she meant "Mod" as in "stylish, swingin' sixties!" not Maude.   I remarked that the kitten did look rather Twiggy-like, with her big eyes and yellow on black coloring.  And then it all came out, and I realized the mistake I had made, and dear little Maude tried to make it up to me by catching a rather large and psychedelically colored moth (green and black, with a body as big as my finger!).  I stand by MOD, though, because, well, I like modish things, and both are excellent names for a cat, methinks.

Speaking of liking MOD... these are way too loud for my tastes, as far as computer backgrounds go, but, I love the prints all the same: Marimekko Wallpapers, free to download, right here.  Based off the fabulous fabric designs of Scandanavian designer Marimekko, they come in several different sizes/resolutions, so you can get the perfect one for you monitor. And since they're free, you might as well try a few!

UPDATE: If you're in DC tonight, love MODness, and have nothing better to do (like...move furniture and make two batches of jam...), then check out the Textile Museum's MOD MADNESS cocktail party.  Spiff!

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