August 13, 2010

Clippings: August 7 to August 13

via Jack and Jil
+  Last weekend the Wall Street Journal had an article on anti-"It Bags", and the luxury market.  This Celine bag, above, qualifies, and I would love to find something as lovely as it.  (I wish commuting didn't make me a BIG BAG person...I used to carry little clutches, and that was it.  I miss those days.)  Anyway, I don't see how a bag priced at over $1500 can qualify as an anti-IT-bag, but...  Also in WSJ fashion, a note on hat ettiquette going out the window as hats become more trendy.  I'm thrilled that men are wearing hats--they really ae terribly practical and very dashing on some men.  But style is no excuse for bad manners. (WSJ)
+  On a much less trivial note: the head of Spain's soccer federation has offered their World Cup to Our Lady of Guadalupe.  He said:
“Every time I have come to Mexico, I have visited the Basilica. When I came to sign the agreement for the match in Mexico I went to Mass and I prayed for one thing, to be world champions. I am selfish—you’re not supposed to ask for those things and the mother of God granted it to me.”
What a lovely story!  So much better than that priest who offered the World Cup Mass in the Netherlands.  Viva España!  (Catholic News Agency)

+ Be sure to check out The Guild Review's excellent five part look at Josef Pieper, called "The Other's Right"  Good stuff.  Also, Josef Pieper was quite a handsome man.  Never knew that. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

+ Actress Patricia Neal passed away Sunday.  In the bevy of obits, I discovered that she was a) married to Rohld Dahl, b) had a brain tumor that nearly destroyed her carrier (not to mention life), c) had an affair with Gary Cooper, concieved a child, then had an abortion at his urging, d) but came back to the Church at Gary Cooper's daughter's urging, and e) was a strong pro-life witness on account of her experience.  A remarkable life of spirit, courage, honest acknowledgement of our failings, and true grace.  I was quite inspired.  May she rest in peace.

+ Ah, Prince Charles.  If you could only stick to saving great British Architecture, we'd really love you.  (NY Review of Books)
+ As I was eating my lunch today, I was sitting across the table from the office secretary.  We were both immersed in our reading, and therefore not speaking.  But I could hear her chewing and so forth.  It was weird, and gross, and kind of annoying, though really perfectly natural and she's a lovely woman. It was just really quiet in the room, so everyting was magnified.  And then I thought: what if this was my husband, and we had just had an argument, and there was this terrible silence over our meals.  All because we wouldn't say "Honey, I was wrong." (Slate)

+ Two married humanities PhDs, looking for jobs, and tenure.  Refreshing and honest and so consistent with my own friend's experiences.   (From the NY Times "Modern Love" series)

+ The Washington Post's style section this week is on reading.  It asks, among other things, what will happen to personal libraries as electronic ones take their place.  I have a very simple answer: GIVE THEM TO ME.  Speaking of which: here's my video find of the week.

Gestures from João Machado on Vimeo.

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