August 02, 2010

Blog of the Week: Simply Pretty Weddings

My friend, J.Marie, is getting married next spring.  She's planning it herself, doing it on a budget, and she and her groom and their families are doing most of the decorating, and cooking themselves.  Inspired by (the perfectly brilliant) Miss Manner's Guide to a Surprisingly Dignified Wedding, she decided to start this blog as an inspiration board.  She can indulge and put up all the extravagant wedding details that inspire her.  But she can also offer practical advice on hosting a wedding and doing-it-yourself with grace, glamour, and a lot of true festivity.  She is one of the most lovely and stylish women I know, so this is obviously a great fit for her.  Here are some of my favorites of her ideas:

Photo by Erin Hearts Court

+ "Mismatched" and personalized bridesmaid dresses.

+ Using postcards as a guest book. (She's travelled all over the country and Europe, so she has quite a collection.)

+ She's getting married at an old estate, where we used to work, so, clearly, lawn games at the reception are a MUST.

+ Advice on setting priorities and a budget

+ An Ice-Cream Bar at the wedding is an WIN WIN WIN.

+ Using jars for centerpieces!  (I've always loved this...)


  1. I love this blog! Thanks for pointing your readers to it, Maggie! =)