August 10, 2010

Blog of the Week: Happy Catholic

A Crow in Flight With Falling Ginko Leaves, Wantanabe Seitei

I've got to wonder how it is that I didn't discover the blog Happy Catholic until a few weeks ago.  People.  You're failing me!  Why didn't you tell me about this wondrous site before.  The cultivated randomness (books, art, moviesArrested Development quotes in the sidebar); the contented and (yes, obviously) happy appreciation of so many thousands of wonderful things Catholic and otherwise.  She's been blogging since there are lots of awesome archives to explore.  I'll just post a few works of art, and some quotes she's shared recently.

Part of her "Worth a Thousand Words" picture series; painted by Ivanyi Grunwald Bela

... let it never be forgotten that pleasure is not happiness, nor is suffering sadness. All the saints' lives are full of joy -- a joy that the world does not know, a joy that surges up in a man's heart and wells up like a river, overflowing and overwhelming his whole being till his very soul sings a canticle of joy. Only the lovers of God can understand the Ninth Symphony.

--This Tremendous Lover, M. Eugene Boylan, O.C.R.
Another "Worth a Thousand Words" By Duane Keiser

If you love ... you will perceive the divine mystery in things, and once perceived, you will begin to comprehend it ceaselessly.
--Fyodor Dostoevsky, The Brothers Karamazov

And this, this is wonderful:
The difficult circumstances of our lives are not just things to put up with. We are deluded if we think that peace and contentment will come if we can just figure out how to "improve" our circumstances once and for all. God deploys the problematic circumstances of our life to awaken us, challenge us, educate us. For the way that we deal with our circumstances reveals to us and to the world just who Jesus Christ is for us. We think that, when something goes wrong in our life, our predicament is outside the all-embracing purpose and meaning of life. But God intends such circumstances to move us to discover this meaning.
--Peter Cameron, O.P.

So, pop on over to Happy Catholic!  I hope you enjoy her musings and inspirations as much as I do!

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