July 19, 2010

You're Sublime

Ah!  What a weekend!  It was, as you might have noticed, my sister's birthday.  Her best friend, and roommate joined us on an adventure in Washington.  We got lost in the creepy dinosaur part of the Natural History Museum.  And the security guard just kept yelling at us: "The Museum is closed, please exit the building!" But there were no exit signs.

I took tons of pictures, but I cannot share them with you because I used real film, and they still need to be developed.  It was so great o be holding a camera again, and I'll be sure to show you the work, if they turn out all right.

Last night we serenaded my sister with a personal favorite.  Here's Cole Porter singing it much better that we did...but not as sincerely:

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  1. In a past life (college, actually), I was Hope Harcourt in Anything Goes. Cole Porter really was a master wordsmith!