July 09, 2010

Weirdly Compelling Recipes

You know me.  I am adventurous in my eating habits, and willing to try new things almost all the time.  So it won't surprise you that last week, when Curry and Boy Wonder were in town, I made curry coconut ice cream. It wasn't awful, but it was weird.  Very weird. 

I am going to experiment a bit more with the recipe and post it here, but this recipe was my starting point.  Next time I am going to put actual coconut shavings in the ice cream, and make the curry much much much much much more subtle--the vaguest hint of curry, to make the creamy chewy coconut more interesting.

Also high on my list of things to try to make:
+  Fennel Ice Cream from Molly Watson (pictured, above)
+  Strawberry Risotto from Savuer
+  Ham and Grilled Cheese Waffles from Real Simple (pictured, below)
+  Lavender Mojito from the New York Times

Oh, and Curry (predictably) thought the ice cream was delicious.  Oh, and speaking of weird food, have you seen the rainbow-colored bacon?

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