July 28, 2010

Sagrada Familia in Barcelona

Yesterday I discovered, thanks to my friend The Courtier, that the masterpiece Sagrada Familia, in Barcelona, will be designated a Minor Basilica by Pope Benedict during his papal visit to Spain in November.  

As you know, Barcelona is in my top five list for future travels.  I first discovered Gaudi's masterpiece in a book detailing Art Nouveau European Cities.  Ten pages were dedicated to this great, unfinished church, and very little was said about Gaudi and his holiness (there is a cause open for his canonization). I was completely captivated by its strangeness and its beauty.  

Recently I came upon these two images, from the so called "Passion Facade".  They are grief and pain personified.  (And when I look at them I am so sad for what Modernity could have done for religious art, but failed.) I cannot stop looking at these carvings.  I really must see them in person.  


These photos are part of an excellent collection by Galen R Frysinger.  Check them all out!  And if you want to read more about La Sagrada Familia, and to keep updated on the current controversy surrounding it and the digging of a metro tunnel, please direct your attention to The Blog of the Courtier, or his second blog, Catholic Barcelona.

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