July 23, 2010

Read me! Read me! It's my 800th Post + Giveaway!

sparklers are obviously needed right now

Today is my 800th post.  Which is just astounding to me.  I was trying to think of other things I've done 800 times.  I think I've watched You've Got Mail 800 times.  I've probably taken the metro 800 times in the last two years (twice a day, and then some).  I've probably eaten 800 grilled cheese sandwiches in my life, especially since my diet senior year consisted entirely of grilled cheese and salad (trust me, it was the only thing palatable).  But writing 800 individual pieces, some of them quite long and thoughtful (though many not), is quite remarkable, and I feel like celebrating.

So I am hosting my first give-away:
a jar of freshly made jam awesomeness.  
The winner will get to choose the flavor: ginger peach, vanilla peach, or spicy peach.

The only thing you have to do is comment and tell me your favorite of my blog posts, or features, or random interests, or general thing about my blog that you enjoy.  Then I'll use one of those random number generator thingamabobs to pick the winner.  That way its fair.  Or at least random.  You must comment before 9 AM EST, Monday. 

Personally, I am thrilled to hear what you have to say, because I have always tried to cultivate randomness and whimsy on this blog, and I really don't know what you, as readers, like to read about.  So have at it. Tell all.  I hope you win.  (that's a silly thing to say...someone will win!)

UPDATE 1: I'd love to know if there is any feature you'd like me to expand or add!
UPDATE 2: comments on Facebook obviously don't count for the giveaway.
UPDATE 3: oh yeah...try not to post anonymously.


  1. Amanda G12:18 PM

    Maggie, I love everything about your blog! One of my favorites, of course, was one a while back, long enough ago that the blog had a different layout, in which you offered several bacon-related items. I believe you even referenced a dish I had talked about making in my facebook status so that was exciting for me. ;-)

  2. My favorite lately is the gold hours. Beautiful photo + inspiring words is a little slice of heaven to me!

  3. patty blanchard12:46 PM

    I love all your foodie stuff! Also your reminders about feast days and awesome novenas are great and I still laugh to myself from time to time over the christmas epic fail post with the link to the star wars christmas special.

  4. Congratulations, Maggie! As I can't have jam, I won't take it away from some other wonderful person. =) But your post on St. Francis de Sales' quote was really helpful to me. Anywho, GREAT JOB!!!! I'm so proud of you!

  5. I hope I win! I've been thinking about that spicy peach jam...

    I have several of your recipe posts bookmarked - puff pancakes and lemon curd!

    I also love your jazz (and music generally) posts, and, of course, all the California-related ones :)

  6. I want that jam! It's been driving my crazy all week, no really.

    Love your posts!

  7. Maggie, your bacon post was divinely inspired. That was my favorite. Now give me my prize!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Hahaha...no peach lavender jam??!

    I adore you, and your blog--as Jonathan said;)

  9. Aileen Wiesner2:54 PM

    I enjoy your blog immensely! I love the food, fashion, and decor posts. I also enjoy your thoughts on movies. As a side note, thank you for introducing me to A Bit of Fry and Laurie. I LOVE them in Jeeves and Wooster and Black Adder, but I didn't know they had their own show!

    ps. I thought of you the other day when CRAFT magazine posted a recipe for maple bacon ice cream.

  10. E Chambers7:43 PM

    Hmmm I love it all, but especially the jazz music clips, the Golden Hour, the clippings, and the fashion tips. Congrats! :]

  11. While the first posts I thought of were the Thanksgiving foods and the Christmas spirit fail blog(last Nov and Dec respectively), I would have to say that it is your zeal for life, evident in all of your posts, that keeps me coming back!

    All of the food posts are a definite bonus though ;-)

  12. Hmm....this is a tough one! I do love your food stuff, but I also really love your quirky decor posts and also your fashion posts. I also really liked the post you have from this year's fourth with the picture of basil from the farmer's market on your table - I could almost smell that sweet, glorious smell of basil. Other than that, I simply love you! But you already knew that, huh? :-)

  13. I think it is the randomness itself that I like. I enjoy living vicariously through you. I do love your jams. The pomegranate you gave us a few years ago was very good. I have fantasies about making jams (of course, my boys are no where around and fruit is somehow in season when it isn't 90 degrees out).

  14. Well, you know my claim to that jar. :-)

    I like your blog and Google Reader shared items because when I'm in the middle of the work day dealing with unpleasant customers or shockingly modern coworkers, I can always cruise through a few of your places (okay, not all ten thousand) and hunger for genuine culture.

    (Or gourmet food. It's usually that, actually.)

  15. Maggie makes totally rockin' jam, y'all.

  16. your jam sounds delish, but since i am in texas i bow out of the running. just wanted to put in my two cents, that i love how you meld all aspects of culture + homemaking + art & beauty + the Faith into one glorious cohesive whole. mi piace!

  17. geneva8:20 PM


    I have always enjoyed the creativity in your blogging; you don't repeat yourself, and that is refreshing. My favorite posts happen to be your random stories, but also the room styles and furnishings that you post pictures of. We share a lot of the same taste (and the inability to buy what we want). Keep up the good blogging; I'll keep enjoying!

  18. hmmm, I don't know about everybody else... but I just want the jam.

    your loving sister,

    p.s. Ive been wanting to make a nice crepe with your jam on it. You know you'll be the jam and canner at my bistro someday, you know that right?

  19. Hi, Maggie! It's Ann Pukstas. I love, love the food updates of your blog and the fashion/interior decorating stuff. You have such good finds! Keep up the great work and I'll keep reading!

  20. The fashion!! oooo, the fashion.

    And the food posts too - they inspire me to do more than throw Trader Joe's frozen food into a pan (my guilt-appeasing fallback approach to "real food.")


  21. Trena9:37 AM

    Missed the deadline (fortunately for me I already have a jar of your lovely lavender jam!), but I still wanted to say that I love the blog! Keep up the amazing work!

  22. I know the give away is over but I have to say a couple of things about your blog. 1. I love your obsession with the Old Spice commercials. They always crack me up. 2. I love how when I google 'ten thousand places' or 'wondrous pilgrim,' your blog is the first listing!!! How is that for fabulous!!