July 26, 2010


Father Whittington was approaching, with [Dr.] Penberthy.
"Well," said Lord Peter, "have the altars reeled?"
"Dr. Penberthy has just informed me hat they haven't a leg to stand on," replied the priest, smiling.  "We have been spending a pleasant quarter of an hour abolishing good and evil.  Unhappily, I understand his dogma as little as he understands mine.  But I exercised myself in Chrisitan humility.  I said I was willing to learn."
Penberthy laughed.  "You don't object, then, to my casting out devils with a syringe," he said, "when they have proved obdurate to prayer and fasting?"
"Not at all. Why should I?  So long as they are cast out.  And provided you are certain of your diagnosis."
Penberthy crimsoned and turned away sharply.
"Oh, lord!" said Wimsey.  "That was a nasty one.  From a Christian priest, too!"
"What have I said?" cried Father Wittington, much disconcerted.
"You have reminded Science," said Wimsey, "that only the Pope is infallible." 

--from The Unpleasantness at the Bellona Club by Dorothy Sayers

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