July 09, 2010

Clippings: July 3 to July 10

+ The New Yorker recently featured a profile of the men who "authenticate" works of art.  Really Fascinating stuff.
Like many connoisseurs, [Martin] Kemp has a formidable visual memory, and can summon into consciousness any of Leonardo’s known works. When vetting a painting, he proceeds methodically, analyzing brushstrokes, composition, iconography, and pigments—those elements which may reveal an artist’s hidden identity. But he also relies on a more primal force. “The initial thing is just that immediate reaction, as when we’re recognizing the face of a friend in a crowd,” he explains. “You can go on later and say, ‘I recognize her face because the eyebrows are like this, and that is the right color of her hair,’ but, in effect, we don’t do that. It’s the totality of the thing. It feels instantaneous.”
+ The conversation usually goes like this:
Me: Yes, I love baseball--I went to my first game when I was 3. 
Them: What's your team?
Me: The Oakland A's.
Them: That's not real baseball.  They have a designated hitter. 
At which point I usually walk away, disregarding everything else they say.  Charlie Finely was insane, and made some big changes to baseball, including initiating the Designated Hitter, but he was also the man responsible for baseball in Oakland, for breaking the bare face barrier, and, lets not forget, YELLOW PANTS.  I love the man.  Read a review of a new bio here. (WSJ)

+ Thanks to Mr. Fink for sharing this fascinating slideshow from CNN featuring Polish film posters of the 70's and 80's:
Two faceless eyes suspended in a scarlet-red sphere drip a solitary white teardrop. It could easily be mistaken for an evocative piece of modern art, but for the names stenciled beneath it: "Christian Bale, John Malkovich, Miranda Richardson."

This is in fact the promo poster for "Empire of the Sun" -- just not as we know it.

The image is one of many hundreds that were created in Poland during the country's Communist era, when film distributors were unable to get hold of original publicity material from Hollywood.
+ I've discovered a new journal: The City, published by Houston Baptist University.  Their current issue has a couple great articles, include Wilfred McClay's "The Soul & the City" and Peter Lawler's "Solzhenitsyn and the Future"  Check out the entire issue online here. (Via The Saint Austin Review)

Finally: I know you're not working.  So watch this:

(via We Love DC)

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