July 28, 2010

Because Everyone is Talking about Inception

I saw it earlier this week with E, and thoroughly enjoyed myself.  When we left she was full of questions, but I had no answers.  I don't actually think Christopher Nolan is trying to do or say anything with his movies, he's just trying to thrill us.  And the final clip of Inception was an intellectual cop out.  This is characteristic of his work: Memento, once you knew the trick, lost its thrill; Batman Begins was perfect fun, but the moral touted by Katie Holmes was...ruined by Katie Holmes (thank goodness there was Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman to remind us what good men are supposed to look like!).  And, contrary to what everyone said, Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight did not give us some new insight to the face of evil.  He was really good; but it wasn't new.

To be fair, I did NOT go into Inception with all that cynicism and jadedness.  I went in looking for a thrilling ride, and that is exactly what I got.  It was captivating, exciting, tense, very well cast, and once I got past the first dream (or scene, or whatever it was), I stopped trying to figure things out, and just sat back and enjoyed the film.

So the only really ingenious thing I can share with you about this movie is:

UPDATE:  Hans Zimmer says: 'the sonic similarity was not only intentional but also the one element of an enigmatic movie “that wasn’t supposed to be a secret.”'  (via NYTimes)


  1. Peter5:16 PM

    That's fascinating if intentional. Hans Zimmer FTW.

  2. Precisely, yes, and exactly so.

  3. Very Cool. Kevin and I saw it last night. Thrilling. They copped out on moral questions and plot closure, I agree. But it was lots of fun. We saw it at the Alamo so we were served tasty dinner while we watched. At first I thought my distraction from dinner was why I didn't get what was going on...but then I realized you were just supposed to take it in and enjoy it. Fun:)

  4. very well cast... *wink wink