July 26, 2010

800th Post Giveaway Winner!

Oh, you guys are so dear.  Thank you for all your comments--not only were they lovely, they were so helpful as I plan for the future of this blog.  For a while (you remember...I kept taking blog-vacations) I was thinking I ought to quit 10KP, and then, I found I couldn't do it, and started posting more and more.  I am going to continue to grow, and see where things go.  My first step will be adding a daily quote (around 3.00 p.m. EST) from my reading.  I've always been a quote hoarder, so I am excited about this.  Do drop a line and tell me how you like it.

I thought it was hilarious that so many of you liked my bacon recipe post.  I am still determined to make the bacon maple ice cream, and will fill you in on all the lovely yummy details when that day comes.  Loving bacon runs in the family--my aunt, who's battle with breast cancer has been successful, so thanks for the prayers, makes herself bacon every sunday.  She won't give it up.

And I'll try to post more on food, since you obviously love those posts, and so do I.  Plus, it keeps me on my toes, for, truth be told, I am just as likely to cop out on dinner as anyone else.

Oh, and I am so glad you like the cultivated randomness of the blog.  I don't suppose it will get me a wide readership or a gig writing for a favorite magazine, but that's not really the point, is it?  When I started the blog, and when I named it, I wanted to simply shine a light on the many things I enjoy.  I still can't think of a better reason to be doing this, and I am glad you all agree.

Now, on to the important part of the afternoon (or morning, for you west coast types): the giveaway!

The winner of the jar of jam is #16: ANN!

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