June 30, 2010

Wall Art

I realized I have not posted any photos of Soho's and my no-longer new apartment.  Well, this is the wall in our living room.  Left to Right.  Top Row: a Beatrix Potter watercolor print; a watercolor of a hydrangea by my grandmother; a Rodin watercolor print, "Inspired Nesting" by Etsy seller Groundwork.  Second Row: a photograph of a girl with a bird on her head from the plains in the 20's; a photograph of mine of a Magnolia branch in Golden Gate Park; two prints of the Prague skyline (thanks Curry!), flanking a print of a Whistler etching; a Whistler nocturne; a watercolor by Soho's sister (with the blue mat), and below that a print of the Yorkshire dales.  Resting on the table is another watercolor by my grandmother of a set of Pittsburgh PA rowhouses.  The black vase on the red book is a raku by Jennifer Coffin, and the icon is an heirloom of Soho's.  Everything else is from yard sales and thrift stores, which is pretty awesome.  And the bookshel is Ikea's Expedit (best ever!), filled with my picture books and art books.

1 comment:

  1. This is the third wall of pictures arrangement that I've seen you put together. I've told you many times before but your arrangements are truly an art.