June 28, 2010


L to R: Tetee, Uncle Jim, Mom, Dad, Gran

Happy Anniversay, Mom and Dad!  Here's something awesome for every year--something you taught me to love (in no particular order):

1) David Austin Roses ("Golden Celebration" pictured, left)
2) Bacon
3) Shakespeare, Moliere, Kauffman & Hart, Waiting for Godot.
4) J. W. Turner (below)
5) listening to Renaissance polyphony during Sunday brunch--as loudly as possible
6) civic engineering.  Seriously.  We used to talk for hours about SF construction.  It's fascinating.
7) naming cats well: eg, Yakko, Wakko and Dot; Ninja; La Bette Noir
8) traveling: Rome, London, Bath, Quebec, etc. etc. etc.
9) Looney Tunes (see a family favorite below)
10) Feast Days.  With lots of feasting.
12) Brideshead Revisited
13) making jams
14) the Marx Brothers, the Blues Brothers, the Brothers Grimm...and my own awesome brother.
16) and Pennyslvania
17) French comedies...and while we're at it, British comedies too.
18) Thurber's stories
19) Thurber's cartoons
20) Thurber's friends
21) always being adventurous in my cooking and eating.  Also, donuts.
22) My faith, my Church, it's Traditions, and Saints, and Pope.
24) buying beautiful things, like oriental rugs with Christmas bonuses, and thereby adding to the quality of our lives and the beauty of our home, which is (perhaps oddly) more prudent than doing the practical thing and using the money for groceries.
25) starting the Sunday Morning paper with the Comics.
26) baseball in the afternoon
27) reading reading reading reading reading
28) (postponing all chores because I'm reading!)
29) the neo-Gothic...and the neo-Romanesque
30) family: HOME.


  1. Congrats! Wonderful post Mags, thanks for sharing!

  2. Congratulations to them both! I enjoyed meeting them when they were in DC.

  3. Congratulations, Perrys! You taught me to love singing, fine dining, and Maggie!