June 30, 2010

Market Baskets

A could weeks ago, I had a typical Maggie-in-the-city day.  (Oooh.  Maggie-in-the-City would be a good blog title.)  By that I mean, I had to go to several different events/locations in the course of one day, and never once be able to pop back home to change.  I went from Mass to errands in GTown to a bridal shower out in McLean.  I had to carry a gift for the shower (a book), an extra pair of shoes, a paella pan which was then switched with 5 champagne coupes, which I really didn't want to break.

Needless to say, finding a bag to carry all this comfortably and chicly is a difficult task.  Luckily for me, I have a beautiful straw market basket from Morocco--like the one picture above.  I can't tell you how wonderful and versatile these baskets are.  They are woven from rich golden straw, in a sturdy but flexible braid.  Their oblong shape allows you to fit all sorts of odd sizes packages inside.  And the long handle evenly distributes the weight, making it easy to carry for a long while.

I found mine in a shop in Napa, but they are available online: Brook Farm General Store has the standard double-handle variety (pictured), $40;  Olive and Branch has several variations, including the two handle one I have, $32.  Even Etsy has a few varieties (my favorites: 1, 2). I highly recommend the version with the long handle--it is by far the best and more versatile.

And they've been making the rounds in the blogsphere: Coco+Kelly and Design*Sponge both recently featured these bags.  But I'd like it to be noted that: I've carried these things for years. 


  1. Thanks Mags! I have to say, in preparing to move into the city this has crossed my mind: what to do with all these things when you have a busy day!? I love these baskets, they are perfect!

  2. I manage by having lots of nylon bags and keeping them in my purse. But this is good for specific outings.