June 02, 2010

Jazz Love #11 You're Just In Love


A lovely jazzy duet between old friends Sarah Vaughn and Billy Eckstine, "You're Just In Love" by Irving Berlin starts slow, but then just jumps.  Then, when both verses are sung together in counter-point (I love counter-point!), it's really delightful:
I hear singing and there's no one there
I smell blossoms and the trees are bare
All day long I seem to walk on air
I wonder why, I wonder why?
I keep tossing in my sleep at night
And what's more, I've lost my appetite
Stars that used to twinkle in the skies
Are twinkling in my eyes, I wonder why?

You don't need analyzin'
It is not so surprisin'
That you feel very strange but nice
Your heart goes pitter-patter
I know just what's the matter
Because I've been there once or twice
Put your head on my shoulder
You need someone who's older
A rub down with a velvet glove
There is nothing you can take
To relieve that pleasant ache
You're not sick, you're just in love!

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