May 26, 2010

We're Jammin'

Ladies and Gentlemen
it is my honor and privledge
to present to you
(appearing for the first time this season)

Strawberry Jam by Mags

This is a variation of a Food and Wine quick strawberry jam (found here).  I did not have enough jars to make my full batch of jams (that will be tomorrow's adventure), so I made this quick jam which will last well in the fridge for a couple of weeks.  If it I don't eat it faster, that is, because this is really very good.  I used freshly ground nutmeg, allspice, a star anise (can you see it in the simmers pot below?), and cinnamon.  I used local honey, and added one half cup of pinot noir, to give it an nice depth and some acidity.  I think it turned out beautifully.  (I wish I could bottle the smell for all of you.  It is rich but not heavy--perfect for late spring.)  It is a loose jam, which will do well stirred into ice cream, or spread on tea cakes, or mixed with yogurt.  I think it could also adorn a pork-chop very nicely.

The strawberries came from Homestead Farms in Poolsville, Maryland (which, by the way, has an old school hardware store--I wanted to buy everything in it!--and a swimsuit wearing cross-dresser, so, needless to say, our trip was an adventure.)  They also have cherries, peaches, apples, and, in the fall, hay rides.  They are also rather overpriced for a pick-your-own farm--$2.99 a pound!
pre cooking
stewing away

I promised the friars here at the office that I'd bring some in to share.  Br. J said he'd bring in tea, and we could have a "solemn" tea.  He paused, and looked quizzically.  "...I mean a high tea.  Obviously, I think about the liturgy too much."  Join us, will you?
"Solemn" Tea

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