May 13, 2010

She's Electric...well, her dress is.

There's a interesting article in the most recent issue of The Atlantic Monthly about the merge between technology and fashion.  The article discussed different practical uses (a dress that has an embedded sim-card--that is, a dress that is also a phone)

I always find it interesting when something like this comes along.  All these hopes pinned into a new frontier for fashion.  (I always raise my skeptic eyebrow when I heard the phrase "break barriers" when it comes to fashion.)  The fact of the matter is, no matter how avant garde or innovative a fashion design is, we really want clothes for two reasons: to protect and to adorn.  Individual pieces of clothing may serve additional purposes (cargo pants or overalls, for example).  But who wants a cell phone dress?  Seriously? 

In light (haha) of Katy Perry's recent dress worn for the Met Gala, I wonder if there will ever be any use for these dresses other than vanity events and fashion editorials. I can see the point--that being glamour and prestige--of a dress that lights up when we walk.  It really is glamourous and over-the-top and whimsical.  In the video of the runway show of the designer's work who is featured above, I was surprised at the natural-ness of the LED elements.  They were installed in flowing patterns evocatives of natural patterns, like that of a waterfall, or of the glittering light of fireflies.  (And I'm not going to lie: fireflies are just about my favorite thing ever.)

But I can never see a use for any of these things, other than adornment.  Which is as old as Adam and Eve.

(PS: All this puts me in mind of a new blog I discovered recently called Deep Glamour.  Their topics are broad ranging, but this seems like just the sort of thing they'd be interested in.  For that matter, so would Miss K, of Look At My Book.)

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