May 14, 2010

Photo Shoots and Gummi Frogs

Remember when we played Doctor's Office in our garage with Thomas and Anna, and the paper boy came by and I think you had a crush on him?   Remember when we used to sing Ace of Base at the top of our lungs while playing in the Hot Tub?  Remember your Dad speeding over the bumps in the road?  Remember seeing the Giants win the pennant?  Remember how much I didn't want you to wear that medieval dress to the prom?  Remember the weekend I spent visiting you in La Jolla and we went to the flea market and Addie bought a stuffed hen? Remember when your house flooded?  Remember the millions of times we went to Marine World?  Remember when the walk to Brown's Valley seemed like it took forever?    Remember biking all over town to find halloween costumes? Remember yelling about music during basketball season?  Remember our New Year's all-nighter?  Remember sunsets at Lake Berryessa?  Remember nursing your bunnies back to health?  Remember coaching me through an awful job? Remember the Pretty Girl Dress? Remember seeing Thoits so happy? Remember when we first "met" Chester? Remember how you always said you wanted to be a lawyer? 

Remember: I love you!

Gracious. Adventurous. Prudent. Loyal. Honest.
Funny. Bold. A rock. An inspiration. A light.

I'm so proud of you!

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