May 06, 2010

One Beautiful Day

"Surf Wagon" from Sunday in the City by SFGirlByBay

Once when I was in my second year living in San Francisco, the weather took a happy turn towards sunshine and balmy temperatures.  It was probably mid-April--but there's never any real way to tell with SF--it could have been February.  It could have been May.

Anyway, it was balmy, and I was relatively carefree.  I was good, back in those days, at shunning the concerns of homework, finances, and the still problematic question of When To Do My Laundry.  So I wandered down Clement Street, and popped into one of my very favorite used-book stores for a quick peak. 

In those days I couldn't walk into a book store without walking out with something.  And in those days I wasn't interested in picture books.  I was interested in Philosophy.  And Big Thoughts.  And Classics.  You know: The Books That Are Now On The Very Bottom Shelf So That They Can Easily Be Boxed After My Next Trip To A Library Sale.

So, on that beautiful, bright, happy day, I walked out with Kierkegaard and Montaigne.  Ha! Ha! It was perfect for the sunshine.  (I never did read either of them.)

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