May 27, 2010

Blog Discovery: Letters of Note

If you've been following my shared items in Google Reader (also visible in the box on the right), then you've probably seen quite a few letters recently.  Noteworthy letters, in fact, from the blog, Letters of Note.  This blog has become daily reading for me, because it has a fascinating collection of letters from all sorts to all sorts which it publishes (with a transcript) for all of us humble readers.

Recently they've had a letter from W.C.Fields to his mistress on the occasion of her engagement; a note from Frank Sinatra concerning an interview of George Michael; the letter wherein Bill Watterson makes known his desire to quit writing Calvin and Hobbes; a formal challenge for a baseball game in the 1870s; and a letter (left) from Charles Morgan to an aspiring architect, which I quote below. 

An architect should, unless it is impossible, answer his mail the first thing in the morning. Then his mind is free to plan and design upon the problems of his clients. He goes to work planning from within outward just as truly as from the ground upward. There are very few real architects who get big jobs because it is only the politician who gets big jobs, and the politician never has time to be an architect. So by all means the architect should learn to do small jobs well, because of the very fact that if he is sincere he shall probably never get big ones.

The architect should always remember that Jesus was an architect and that to be entitled to the same name he should love truth and beauty above all else.
Read the whole letter here.  It's wonderful.  And add Letters of Note to your blog roll--it is well worth it.

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  1. Thanks for sharing these, Margaret.