April 07, 2010

What the Easter Bunny Did Not Get Me

Clearly, I need $1740 so that I can purchase this gorgeous table.  And put it...well, I don't know where exactly, but I'd rearrange the whole living room for a chance to have a lovely red table like this.  I know I am probably inordinately obsessed with it, but, doesn't it seem just perfect?  Graceful, small, elegant, but punchy and fun too.  Not too serious.  Except for the price tag.  Which is very serious.  And I'll never be that serious.

The Easter Bunny also did not get me these adorable Johnathon Adler Bookends:

I never thought I'd seriously consider spending $150 on a pair of bookends. But these are so cute that I cannot help myself. (Jonathan Adler Dachshund Bookends)

The Easter Bunny also forgot to get me a new laptop and a case to put it in too.  Ah!  I LOVE this.

But the Easter Bunny did get me a huge basket of See's Candy.  And it was perfect.

1 comment:

  1. The Easter bunny is worthless! But that stuff is really cute. :)