April 13, 2010

We are an Easter People!

An Easter Feast

My new pastor gave me the best advice on Sunday morning. When I told him I forgot what the Greek response was to "Christos Anesti" he told me that if I said it year round I'd never forget it: "You should say this every day at grace. Not just in Easter. We are an Easter people, always."

So, don't be surprised by the fact that I am still talking about Easter.  Because we really had a grand Easter. And I haven't shared with you any photos. The girls of Three White Leopards hosted us for a midnight feast to celebrate Stearns' reception into the Church. She and I made really...remarkable...paper flowers on Good Friday, giddy and giggly from lack of eating (see photo, left). All the pretty ones were made by Stearns and all the fluffy ones were made by me.  And the paper was pastel stiped or polka-dotted.  Because we like striped flowers and polka dots.  Don't you?

I also provided a cheese plate and some Chocolate Mousse.  I had hoped that I'd have left-over mousse for my breakfast the next morning--but there was not a lick left.  Instead, I took home some of Stearn's wonderful carrot cake.  And ate three of the four pieces, leaving only one for my house guest. Oooh, and someone brought these bacon wrapped dates stuffed with almonds, which are basically the most brilliant finger-food invention ever: salty and sweet and bacony but not overpowering. And Emily made flatbread with fennel and onions.  It was sublime.

When said Guest and I stumbled home (Stearns and Emily live next door), I was shocked to discover it was four in the morning!  A cup of coffee and I could have said hello to the rising sun.  Needless to say, I didn't make it that long.

The next day my Aunt and I drove out to visit my little sister, who is now officially an adult, because she has hosted a holiday in her own home.  We had rack of lamb, roasted asparagus and cauliflower, a fresh spring pasta salad, another cheese plate, and a delicious and light custard tart.  She was such an easy carefree host, and it was a truly lovely day.

Is Easter all about the food? No, of course not.  But it is terribly important.  I care more about the food on Easter than I do even on Thanksgiving.  We have fasted and have prayed, and now we rejoice and feast.  I should also note that the Vigil mass was beautiful; there were trumpets; we got to hold real beeswax candles; and could see Stearn's smiling for joy as she was confirmed.  And yes, the best sound in the world is the trumpets blaring during the chorus of "Jesus Christ is Risen Today"  (which is also, conicidentally, one of the best hymns ever). 

See more photos of Emily and Stearn's party here.

Χριστός ἀνέστη! Ἀληθῶς ἀνέστη!
Christos Anesti! Aletheos Anesti!
Christ is risen!  He is truly Risen!


  1. If you do forget the response again, you could just pop in "My Big Fat Greek Wedding"...

    Sounds like you had a beautiful Easter!

  2. Mags,

    this is a wonderful post! I love it... it actually is a very good articulation of why in the Protestant Church we don't "celebrate" easter in the same what that the Roman church does. The book of church order reminds us of the same concept: that each Sunday we celebrate the resurrection of Christ. We are Easter people all year long!! :)

  3. "Is that a napkin?"


    What a great Easter and a wonderful post.