April 14, 2010

Summer Bag

You may recal, it took me all summer to find a bag I really liked. Then it took me all fall to find a new bag for the winter. But since the sun has been shining (on and off, I'll admit) for a month now, I think it is time to retire my green suede hobo, and switch to something better. And this bag from Forever 21 is very much better.  It's canvas, which means it is lightweight.  It's got zippy patent leather handles, which are smooth for handling.  And that canvas long strap means you can wear it as a chic messenger bag when you need your hands free.  And a pop of bright yellow is almost a neutral, which means it goes with everything!   And, since it's only $25 buckaroonies, you can buy the blue and red too.  j'adore.

Note: Today on a campus near my office...I saw girls EVERYWHERE wearing boots and shorts. If it is cold enough for one, it isn't warm enough for the other. Please, ladies. Just stop.

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