April 28, 2010

Postcard from Provence Book!

You've heard me speak of the daily painting blog, Postcard From Provence, before.  Artist Julian Merrow-Smith creates an oil painting every day, still life as well as landscape, and auctions them off daily.  I've long wanted to purchase one, but haven't quite found THE one.  Or rather, I did...I just came too late.  He is alternatingly lively and free or detailed and precise (as the rose, above, and the clouds, below illustrate).

Luckily, Mr. Merrow-Smith has recently published a book of his paintings.   It has 148 paintings, an introduction, and an interview with Mr. Merrow-Smith.  And, if you pre-order by May 1st, you will get a signed copy with free international shipping.  (You can preview the first 50 pages here.) 

He also sells prints, for $50 each, on his website.  Here are a few favorites: The Blue Boat, Winter Sun and Wrapped Clementines.
Reminds me of Napa in the Summer evening.

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