April 15, 2010

The Form of Chair

From The Well Appointed Home


Remember metaphysics class?  Remember talking about the "form" of chair?  Well...when Plato was talking about the "form" of chair, he was obviously talking about this chair.  It is perfect.  Structured but whimsical, classical in form but casual in material (linen!), and, of course, in a gorgeous color.  From the most recent issue of Lonny.


  1. Is it comfortable to sit in?

  2. It looks comfortable to me. The seat is wide enough to curl up, and deep enough to lean back, and low enough to sit up straight with your feet on the ground, and the wings are high enough and cushioned for resting your weary head on.

  3. You might enjoy this blog by a classmate of mine from Dallas; she's into fun/classy/functional interiors too: http://thedesignthief.blogspot.com/