April 19, 2010

The 50 Most Stylish Leading Men of the Past Half Century

I never thought I'd be linking to GQ.  But I cannot resist mentioning this fantastic slideshow of The 50 Most Stylish Leading Men of the Past Half Century.  A fine mixture of obvious choices, like Cary Grant and Richard Burton, to more obscure figures, like Japanese actor Toshiro Mifune--they match each actor with one essential style tip, and a brief, spot-on style biography. 

For thirty-four years [Gregory Peck] played a superbly coiffed, peerlessly elegant good guy. And he matched it offscreen, his tweedy masculinity humbly suggesting that real men sit on the right side of the law—of life and of dress.

Sammy wore the hell out of the sharkskin suits and narrow ties that typified the ensemble's style. And at home, on the streets of Harlem, Davis was the quintessence of urban cool; his stingy-brimmed fedoras, patterned overcoats, and thick-framed glasses would have put him well at ease in the Brooklyn of today.

Brando's '60s are forgotten. They shouldn't be; it was then that Brando came into his own as a man. Beatnik rebellion gave way to grown-up purposefulness and a more serene, suited look ...Brando achieved a look of effortless power and bull-like grace.

(Plus check out their 10 Hollywood Style Icons, including, William Powell, Fred Astaire, and Charlie Chaplain.)

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